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junior coaching part 2 In evidenza

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I prefer to teach a lot of variety in the short game getting them to trust the loft of their clubs around the green,using their imagination inventing shots developing feel and visualization.. Same thing keep it fun and interesting not one dimensional the secret then. When you  have a full arsenal . Shots is to select the simplest solution possible trains their minds toounderstanding various ball flights ..what reaction will the ball have once it leaves the club face and lands on the putting surface in opposed to a observe and learn plus a little experimenting to see what you can do can only enhance the players knowledge of the game ...Equipment......I don't believe at any ages youngster should use a club too long or heavy for him, the should be able to control the club easily af all times,avoiding any strange compensatory movements that a long heavy club will produce...after all the first key to good golfis to control your body movement and speed, consequently your ball......from 6-10 I would emphasise 70% short game and 30% long game don't fall into the trap of ( I want to use my dads clubs) or (the other kids all have proper clubs ) all extremely counterproductive, yourself and your pro will know when the youngster needs a change and when he's physically and mentally prepared for the challenge ahead...the final thing in this brief chapter is on the greens the most natural way for a kid to hold a club for the first time is left below right don't change it shoulders immediately parallel and the left hand leading then more effort goes into speed and line don't change it keep it maestro

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